“This book is the culmination of many encounters. Somewhat like the way a film is made, it was created by a crew,” explains Miguel Rio Branco. “To me, the bestiary, a classical theme, signifies a journey into pain, into the materiality of suffering. It is a journey constructed with fragments that I have been collecting since my beginnings in photography. The project was realized in 1988. In 1991, I did an audiovisual installation for the Foto Biennale Rotterdam, Petites réflexions sur une certaine bestialité. To the first set of pictures, I added others that created new discourses. I was surprised to find myself surrounded by pictures of lost dogs. The tensions of the man-beast relationship heightened. I had not yet found the ideal text at the time. Then I was introduced to ‘Nuit Close’ by Louis Calaferte and it was love at first sight.”

Format: Softcover
Pages: 133
Size: 10 4/5" x 10 4/5"
Publisher: Multiprint Grafica e Editoria Ltda. (Curitiba, 1996)