In this collection of more than 100 photographs taken over the last 50 years, Lessing's work appears sometimes ironic, sometimes melancholy, but always warm. The result is a poignant record of history, whatever history is made of: political events (the postwar-period, the Hungarian revolution of 1956, summit meetings), their consequences (refugees, institutions under communism), artistic creations and their creators, and everything else that allocated to the annals of human records.

Hence Lessing's final 'walk through history' with photographs of sceneries and objects going back to antiquity. Such a thematic order allows a dual vision of human life, in which poverty, despair and fear are not to be separated from a celebration of love and a strong sense of vitality.

"That derives from a humanistic upbringing and my basic attitude...I take mankind seriously in all its aspirations and desires and in whatever arises there in religious, spiritual, artistic and political aspects...I wish to show history and to recount stories." (Erich Lessing)

Format: Softcover
Pages: 166
Size: 10 3/4 x 8 1/2"
Publisher: Eigenverlag der Museen der Stadt Wien (Vienna, 1994)