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From the Archive
Aug 22, 2014
by Magnum Photographers
August 25th marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Paris by the FFI (French Resistance), Free French Army and US Army. More...
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Aug 14, 2014
by Jerome Sessini
Jerome Sessini has continued his coverage of the conflict between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russia separatist rebels. Most recently, he's explored the humanitarian situation in the east, primarily in the besieged rebel hold-outs of Lugansk, Uglegorsk and Donesk. More...
From the Archive
Aug 13, 2014
by Magnum Photographers
Golden Age film icon Lauren Bacall has died at the age of 89.
Known for her seductive gaze and husky voice, Bacall had her breakout roll in "To Have and Have Not" opposite Humphrey Bogart, who she'd later marry. Fifty years and dozens of films later, she'd win a Golden Globe and an Academy Award nomination for "The Mirror Has Two Faces." More...
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Aug 6, 2014
by Susan Meiselas
For many Brazilian women, beautification is a means of self-realization.
It is an opportunity for social mobility. It can be a form of escape. The opportunity to transform the body can be a canvas for the imagination.
In these images we see women’s rituals to beautify themselves throughout Rio de Janeiro. These brief encounters not only reveal the way that the allure of beauty is realized on a day-to-day... More...
Aug 5, 2014
by Larry Towell
"Then Palestine", is a rich image collection from Larry Towell's seven trips to Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem from 1993-1997. At the height of the first Palestinian intifada in 1993, Towell trained his lens on Israel's displaced Arab populations living under occupation, documenting Arab-Israeli relations there over a period of five years. Conflicting lives, like disorder, violence, and even... More...
Jul 31, 2014
by Josef Koudelka
Exhibition at the Galerija Jakopic, Ljubljana, May 20, 2014, to September 3, 2014.

Between 1991 and 2012, Josef Koudelka visited nineteen countries bordering the Mediterranean, stopping at over two hundred Greek and Roman archaeological sites. This was an unprecedented exploration which has not yet been completed - Koudelka keeps visiting archaeological sites in Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria,... More...
Bruno Barbey. Istanbul
Bruno Barbey