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Poids Mouche
John Vink

$ 40.00

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 41
Publisher: Les Editions du Mékong(2006)
ISBN: 9789995075002
Thai boxing isn't Thai. It's Cambodian. It was born in the very depths of Khmer history and was engraved in Angkor stone. Its violence counterpoints the people's gentle gestures and facial expressions. It reminds us that searing brutality can be generated by restraint. With insecurity pushing back the limits of physical pain, impoverished countries (Cuba, Angola) and poor neighborhoods (the Bronx, the French suburbs) necessarily produce good fighters. Cambodia has not been outdone.

This book presents that fluctuating and complex facet of Cambodia today—of thick-skinned Khmers, rooted in the soil of their past, barefoot farmers planted in the alluvium of the Mekong, ready to fight, to suffer, and to bleed in order to finally rise up.

1st Edition, signed by John Vink