Patrick Zachmann

French, b. 1955

Patrick Zachmann has been a freelance photographer since 1976 and member of Magnum Photos since 1990.  He has dedicated himself to long-term projects on the cultural identity, memory and immigration of different communities.  From 1982 to 1984, he worked both on a project on highway landscapes, backed by the French Ministry of Culture, and on the challenges of integration facing young immigrants in the northern neighborhoods of Marseilles.

In 1982, he also plunged into the violent world of the Neapolitan police and mafia - the Camorra - resulting in the publication of a book and  a fictional text inspired by his cinematographic images.  In 1987, after working for seven years on a personal project about jewish identity, Zachmann published his second book, Enquête d'Identité ou Un Juif à la recherche de sa mémoire (Inquest of Identity or a Jew  in search of his memory).  In 1989 his story on the events at Beijing's Tiananmen Square was widely published in the international press.  That year, his entire body of work was awarded the prestigious Prix Niepce.

For the next six years, Patrick Zachmann continued his research on the Chinese diaspora around the world, resulting in the 1995 publication of the acclaimed book W., ou L'Œil d'un Long Nez (W., or the Eye of a Long-Nose), accompanied by an exhibition that toured in ten countries in Asia and Europe.  Between 1996 and 1998, Zachmann directed the short film La Mémoire de Mon Père (My Father's Memory), followed by his first feature-length film Allers-retour: Journal d'un Photographe (Round trip:  diary of a photographer), about the disappearing traces of memory, in Chile in particular.

In 2006, he began a new project entitled Confusions Chinoises (Chinese Confusions), for which he received a grant from the French Fine Arts Delegation (DAP).  He also gives classes at the National School for Decorative Arts in Paris and the Institute Superiore di Fotografia e di communication in Rome.

From 2006 to 2008 he directed a feature film called Bar Centre des Autocars, about the destinies of ten young people whom he had known and photographed twenty years earlier, from Marseille's poorest neighborhoods.   In May 2009, at the Cité d'Histoire de l'Immigration in Paris (Centre for the History of Immigration), Patrick Zachmann has presented his entire body of work, spanning twenty five years, about immigration and the suburbs.

He has been assigned by Marseille, capital of Culture of Europe, and will show his new work on migrants coming from Algeria, Tunisia, Marroco and Africa in an exhibition in Marseille in 2013.



2007        Awarded grant from the French Culture Ministry (Aide à la Création)
1992        Merit Award, Art Directors Club
1989        Prix Niepce
1986        Villa Médicis Hors les Murs, French Ministry of Foreign Affaires
1983        Prix Austerlitz


2007        l'Image d'après La Cinémathèque, Paris, France
2005        Eurovisons  Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
2004        Musulmans, Musulmanes Parc de La Villette, Paris, France.
2004        Chili. Une mémoire en Route, Bibliothèque Centre Pompidou, Paris     
               and Rome Photography Festival
2003        Chili. Une Mémoire en Route International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China
2002/01   Chili. Une mémoire en Route Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago de Chile, 
               Chile; Centre d’Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation, Lyon, 
               France; Gallery of the French Institute, Barcelona, Spain
1998        Enquête d’Identité ou un Juif à la recherche de sa mémoire
               Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme, Paris, France
1997        Maliens, ici et là-bas Parc de la Villette, Paris, France
1995        L'Oeil d'un Long-Nez, Art Center, Hong Kong and l'Espace Photographique, Paris
1987        Enquete d’Identité ou un Juif à la recherche de sa mémoire
               Galerie Magnum, Paris, France


2008        Un Jour, la Nuit Biro publisher, France (fall)
2002        Chili, les Routes de la Mémoire Marval, France
1997        Maliens, Ici et Là-Bas, Plume, France
1995        W. ou l’Oeil d’un Long-Nez (W. or the Eye of a Long-Nose), Marval, France;
1994        20 Ans de Rêves, Syria Editions, France
1987        Enquête d’Identité, un Juif à la Recherche de sa Mémoire, Contrejour,
1983        Madonna! Cahiers du Cinema, France


2008        Bar Centre des Autocars, (56', Les Films d'ici production)
2002        Allers-Retour: Journal d’un Photographe, (beta, color, 68'), Grand Prix at the
               Pamplona International Documentary festival (Spain), 2002
1998        La Memoire de Mon Père, (beta, color, 31'), awarded first prize at the
               Ecrans du Documentaires festival (France) 2000
1994        Short film about a Malien emigrant, projected during the exhibition
               Maliens, ici et là-bas, La Villette, Paris
1993        Short film about the Paris neighbourhood of Belleville, for Japanese TV NHK
1992        Hong Kong 1997 (images for the film directed by Jean-Christophe Victor, 30")