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George Rodger
British, b. 1908 - d.1995

Born in Hale, Cheshire, to a family of Scottish ancestry, George Rodger was a self-taught photographer who at first wanted to be a writer and had an urge to document the world as it was.

After his studies at St. Bees College (1921-25), served in the British Merchant Navy. By 1929 he had been around the world three times but had never seen London.

After a difficult period in the United States under the Great Depression, Rodger worked as a photographer for the BBC (1936-38), then briefly for the Black Star Agency, publishing his pictures in Tattler, Sketch, Bystander,...
Book - Humanity & Inhumanity

George Rodger 2009

Album: 149 images
Book - Magnum Opus - Fifty Years in Photojournalism

George Rodger 1987

Album: 41 images
Book - En Afrique

George Rodger 1984

Album: 55 images
Book - The Blitz

George Rodger 1991

Album: 41 images
Book - George Rodger: An Adventure in Photography, 1908-1995

George Rodger 2003

Album: 29 images
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