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Exhibition - Magnum Stories
Magnum Photographers

A. Abbas 1973

South Vietnam. Near My Tho. 1973.

Alex Majoli 2001

AFGHANISTAN. Kabul. Kid in front of the old palace of the Ministry...

Eve Arnold 1962

USA. Illinois. Chicago. Malcolm X during his visit to enterprises...

Bruno Barbey 1985

MOROCCO. Town of Essaouira. 1985.

Ian Berry 1984

South Africa. Le Cap. 1984.

Werner Bischof 1951

INDIA. State of Bihar. Famine stricken area. Due to flooding...

Rene Burri 1957

FRANCE. Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur. Alpes Maritimes. Cannes....

Bruce Davidson 1980

USA. New York City. 1980. Subway.

Thomas Dworzak 2002

RUSSIA. Grozny, Chechnya. 03/2002. Destruction in the city center....

Nikos Economopoulos 1990

TURKEY. Yozgat. Political meeting. 1990.

Elliott Erwitt 1957

USSR. Moscow. 1957. 40th anniversary of the October Revolution....

Leonard Freed 1978

USA. New York City. 1978. A man taken into custody in a police...

Stuart Franklin 1989

CHINA. Beijing. Tiananmen Square. 1989.

Jean Gaumy 1986

IRAN. Tehran. 1986. Veiled women practice shooting on the outskirts...

Bruce Gilden 1986

USA. New York City. 1986.

Burt Glinn 1959

CUBA. Santa Clara. 1959. Fidel Castro delivering an hours-long...

Philip Jones Griffiths 1983

GRENADA. Grenada posed no military threat and had no resources...

David Alan Harvey 2002

BRAZIL. Bahia, Salvador. 2002.

Erich Hartmann 1956

USA. Centralia, Kansas. 1956. A farmer watches wheat pour from...

Henri Cartier-Bresson 1947

INDIA. Delhi. Birla House. 1948. An interview with GANDHI the...

Thomas Hoepker 1974

GERMANY. East Berlin. The "Betriebskampftruppen" in East Berlin...

David Hurn 1980

USA. Arizona. Pheonix. Preemie Baby Unit. Cyndi Chacon felt closer...

Richard Kalvar 1980

ITALY. Rome. Piazza della Rotonda. 1980.

Carl De Keyzer 2000

Russia. Siberia. Krasnoyarsk. Ex Gulag turn into a prison camp...

Josef Koudelka 1993

CZECH REPUBLIC. Black Triangle region (Ore Mountains). 1993....

Hiroji Kubota 1982

NORTH KOREA. Pyongyang. 1982. Children at Pyongyang Student and...

Erich Lessing 1956

Constantine Manos 1964

a village school, Olimbos, Karpathos, Greece.1964

Peter Marlow 1999

US NAVY. Balkans War. USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Flight deck. In...

Steve McCurry 1994

MYANMAR (Burma). Yangon (Rangoon). 1994. Procession of nuns.

Susan Meiselas 1980

EL SALVADOR. 1980. Soldiers search bus passengers along the Northern...

Wayne Miller 1947

USA. Illinois. Chicago. 1947. Tuesday Afternoon on South Halsted...

Martin Parr 1985

GB. England. New Brighton. From 'The Last Resort'. 1983-85.

Paolo Pellegrin 1999

ALBANIA. Town of Kukes.

Gueorgui Pinkhassov 1996

JAPAN. Tokyo. 1996. Bridge at sundown.

Marc Riboud 1965

CHINA. 1965. A street in Beijing as seen from inside an antique...

George Rodger 1949

SUDAN. Kordofan. Two fighters from the Kao-Nyaro tribe who use...

David Seymour 1936

FRANCE. Paris. Demonstration in memory of those who were killed...

W. Eugene Smith 1948

USA. Colorado. 1948. Dr. CERIANI with Lee Marie Wheatly, a two...

Chris Steele-Perkins 1992

SOMALIA. Mogadishu. A woman and her baby waiting at the S.O.S....

Dennis Stock 1971

USA. Colorado. 1971. Members of a bikers gang, SONS OF SILENCE....

Larry Towell 1996

CANADA. Ontario. 1996. Kent County. Mennonite.

Alex Webb 2000

CUBA. Havana. 2000. Children playing in a playground.

Donovan Wylie 2003

NORTHERN IRELAND. The Maze Prison. Sportsfield 1. 2003

Patrick Zachmann 1993

Region of Kayes. Village of Troula.
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