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Sep 14 - Jul 22 2016.
Magnum Photos and Speos Photo School are partnering to create a new and unique one-year master class for Creative Documentary & Photojournalism in Paris.

The Creative Documentary & Photojournalism program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in documentary photography and/or photojournalism, in the Magnum Photos tradition of visual storytelling.

The course equips students with the historical and contextual...View details
Feb 21 - May 31 2015.
In 1932, at the age of twenty-four, Henri Cartier-Bresson acquired a hand held Leica camera and his previously casual interest in photography became a passion. Over the next three years he created one of the most original and influential bodies of work in the history of photography.

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Feb 26 - Aug 2 2015.
Presenting a remarkable selection of contact sheets and related material by Magnum photographers, Magnum Contact Sheets lays bare the creative methods, strategies and editing processes behind some of the world’s most iconic images — was the final image a set-up, or a serendipitous encounter; did the photographer work to extract the potential from a situation, or was it the fabled ‘decisive moment’?

Mar 20 - Jun 7 2015.
Raymond Depardon focuses on the consequences of urban development in the second half of the 20th century: factories for sale on the periphery of cities surrounded by dozens of car parks, peri-urban areas that swallow up small cities and villages, overexploitation of coastal and high mountain areas...

“I visited very different places, with very different stories. I’ve made it a rule to keep a distance......
Mar 20 - Jun 7 2015.
"Martin Parr is a chronicler of our age. In the face of the constantly growing flood of images released by the media, his photographs offer us the opportunity to see the world from his unique perspective. At first glance, his photographs seem exaggerated or even grotesque. The motifs he chooses are strange, the colours are garish and the perspectives are unusual. Parr's term for the overwhelming power......
Mar 20 - Jun 28 2015.
Abbas has roamed the world for 45 years, covering major political and social events, and publishing his works widely in world magazines and newspapers. Through his early photojournalistic and other major works such as the Iranian Revolution and the Islamic world, Abbas has shown his dedication to the struggles within different societies in this rapidly globalising world, with an emphasis on religion......
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Mar 21 - .
MAGNUM PHOTOS and TOKYO INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHY present Magnum Photos Symposium Tokyo

21st March 2015, 19:00-22:00

Nippon Photography Institute:
4-16 Sakuragaoka-cho,
Tokyo, 150-0031

Event organised by Magnum Photos co-hosted by The Tokyo Institute of Photography and in partnership with the Nippon Photography Institute.
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