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David Alan Harvey
American, b. 1944
Two of my photos left our solar system today and are now in interstellar space aboard Voyager. The only “message in a bottle” from our planet. I shot this picture of a father and his daughter in Malaysia while on assignment for NatGeo in 1976 and with my whole family in tow. The shot has been flying high for 35 years. Destination unknown! Read full story
Jun 9, 2015
Wednesday, June 24th, 2015
From 6.30pm to 10pm
Paris Pop-Up Studio by Magnum Photographers

Come alone, as a couple or with your family and enter into Magnum’s fascinating world to experience an unforgettable moment.

On the occasion of Magnum’s 68th Annual General Meeting, Magnum Photos is excited to be collaborating with Impossible Project, the future of analog instant photography, to produce the... More...
Jun 5, 2015
Jeju Haenyeo - Heroines of the Sea, Women Divers on Jeju Island

"Jeju is surrounded by sea and Hallasan volcano is located at its center: it is an island and a mountain, at the same time. Villages exist along its mountain ranges, on its grassland, and around barren farmland. Historically, the people of Jeju saw the sea as fearful, dangerous, and fraught - something that made life difficult. Men were... More...
May 12, 2015
I wanted to make a book. MY BOOK. A unique book that made people think, explore and wonder. I have been pleased to have been published by the best of trade book publishers, including NatGeo, powerHouse, and Phaidon, and for sure that is one way to go. However, getting complete control over your book is the ideal, so…I made my own book!

By the time this workshop starts my Burn team and I will have... More...
Dec 30, 2014
Rio de Janeiro. Just the name alone conjures up imagery. Spectacular location geographically and the place of beauty and passion and well yes, a physical and psychological Shakespearian stage of life. For me to do a workshop in Rio, following the publication of my award winning (based on a true story) and an essay in NatGeo, and smack in the middle of my shooting on my Beach Games project , should... More...
Jul 15, 2014
Photo © Diego Orlando

As a world traveling NatGeo and Magnum photographer I always avoided Venice from a photo standpoint. I figured too many photographers had shot Venice. Yet now I see a new and exciting challenge for you and for me.

So get fired up!!

We will shoot a small book – together. Printed by offset artist press Antiga in nearby Treviso. Each of you will receive one of our limited editions... More...