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Bruno Barbey
Seemingly classical in style, Bruno Barbey’s work holds a special place in the recent history of photography. His reportages have been widely distributed in the press and published in the most iconic magazines (Du, Camera, Time, Life, New York Times, London Sunday Times, Stern…); however, they are often overlooked in favor of his famous black-and-white essay from the early 1960s on the Italians, a Read full story
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Nov 20, 2015
Bruno and Caroline Barbey have composed a video documenting public mourning in Paris. View it here. More...
Nov 3, 2015
Bruno Barbey has roamed the world for 50 years, developing his own brand of photojournalism within the Magnum agency. While shying away from news scoops, he has never missed an opportunity to witness History. While working to achieve the correct distance, he has always embraced events with humanity. Ever ready to face the unknown and meet new people, his photos echo these encounters, illustrating... More...
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Oct 8, 2015
Bruno Barbey recently returned to China and covered Qingdao's "Beer Goddess" beauty pageant. During the event, a "Beer Queen","Beer Prince","Beer Princess","Beer Mr.Right","Champion Stewardess", and "Champion Steward" are chosen from among trainee models and trainee air attendants. The competition is divided into two main events: a "swimsuit show" and an "evening gown show" (suits for men models and... More...
Sep 22, 2015
In August 1966, Bruno Barbey is on assignment for Vogue in Deauville. Fifteen images of this report, largely forgotten, are the starting point of a return to Deauville, 50 years later.
A return to the scene - between spring and summer 2015 - to take a new look in fifteen new images on a Deauville which is not the same, by a photographer who remains himself.

More information... More...
Sep 10, 2015
Bruno Barbey is the author of 2 books about China. One about Shanghai and one titled "China, From Mao to Modernity". He is currently preparing a third one for a Chinese publisher.
He is currently presenting the exhibition "CHINA SINCE 1973" in the F11 Museum in Hong Kong.

Here are some new images about Chinese people enjoying Qingdao beaches.... More...