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Chris Steele-Perkins
British, b. Burma 1947
May 6, 2013
Finally, Chris Steele-Perkins' book - England, My England - gets proper North American distribution.

Here is a small sample from the 40 years of work crammed into the book. Now you can go out and buy it.

Some Reviews

"The English at work and at play over the last four decades. By turns gritty and evocative, it is a book one imagines that Orwell would have liked very much."
- The Guardian, Photobooks... More...
Apr 16, 2013
For a long time many people did not go to Burma because they did not want to seem to support the military dictatorship that has controlled Burma for decades. Now, since the elected leader of the country, Aung San Suu Kyi has been freed from her long house arrest imposed by the military, and now takes her place in parliament, and since Aung San Suu Kyi has said she supports independent tourism, and... More...
Jan 18, 2013
The height of the Tokyo Skytree was originally approximated at 610m. However, from the beginning, the plan was to have the SkyTree exist as the world's tallest freestanding broadcast tower. So, after deliberate research on the competition -- the other high-rise structures being built around the world -- it was finally decided that the tower would stand at 634m so it could hold the Guinness World Record... More...
Jul 31, 2012
My book on centenarians, "Fading Light", is now out in the UK and available on amazon.co.uk.

Here is an interview and another photo from the book.

Fauja Singh. Born 01/04/1911

Why did you start running rather than say swimming or walking?
In India where I was born and grew up, swimming for leisure is unheard of. Even in Britain is a luxury due to the silly money asked for by pools. Running is free... More...
Jul 6, 2012
Now on till 27th July , my exhibition about England: England, My England - at Letchworth arts centre.

http://www.letchwortharts.org/events/perkins More...