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Iranian/French, b. 1944
At the Bellanwila Buddhist temple in Colombo, a young woman is preparing a basket of fruits as an offering to the Hindu resident god in his shrine which is next to the Buddha’s. She is asking success at exams for her brother. Yet, she is a Buddhist!
-Why don’t you ask the favour from the Buddha?
-We keep Him for prayers and meditation
-And if the Hindu god does not grant the favour?
-We will come Read full story
Oct 26, 2013
... fooling around in front of my camera. More...
Oct 8, 2013
I have just conducted a workshop in Delhi. This is the group photo of my class - two students are missing, teacher present by his hand.

I have more photos... but cannot download them now... will do it later. More...
Sep 16, 2013
I spent 4 days in Germany for the FotoFestival curated by Andrea Holzherr on the theme of "Trans-Territories". Here she is inaugurating the show on Afghanistan with my photos displayed on the wall.

The loudspeaker might hide two of my photos but it is a necessary instrument for my slideshow on "Conflicts"... and so are the chairs.

www.fotofestival.info/de/... More...
Sep 16, 2013
A private gallery, housed in the abandoned army Turley Barracks, exhibits the work of 25 Magnum photographers. My work on display is on Buddhism, a far cry from Afghanistan. More...
Sep 16, 2013
Peter van Agtmel is interviewed by television... and an impressionist view of the same Peter behind a window.

It seems the impressionist rendering of Peter was not uploaded... so pls use your imagination. More...