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Peter Marlow
British, b. 1952
Oct 22, 2012
Canterbury Cathedral September 2011

Everything about this work was about the preparation. Once I had decided that the right approach was to only photograph with all the interior lights off, the hardest thing to do was to convince each Cathedral to let me do this. It required a vast number of telephone calls and follow up e-mails for them to give me access before sunrise and arranging for staff to... More...
May 31, 2012
Potter Heigham Bridge Norfolk May 2012

I spent the weekend sailing in the Norfolk Broads. There is a very low Roman bridge in Potter Heigham, which only has a clearance of about six and a half feet and can only be navigated by waiting for low tide and lowering the mast of the yacht. It is a hair raising experience steering through and wondering if you will actually make it through without crashing.... More...
May 30, 2012
'For the first time' Amiens, France 1991

With a group commission from The Department de La Somme, and two borrowed medium format Plaubel cameras from Chris Steele Perkins, I went to Amiens in the spring of 1991 with great trepidation.
I found myself in a French City that I had never ever heard of, other than that it played a significant role in the first world war. I found a place where precisely... More...
May 26, 2012
'Point of Interest' 1995-2011

Peter Marlow discusses with 'BBC Nightwaves' presenter Matthew Sweet a recent exhibition of his work at The Wapping Project Bankside Gallery in London. 'Point of Interest', is the result of a rigorous editing process which involved reducing several thousand images taken alongside his photojournalistic work over a period of years to a mere forty three. Assembled here for... More...