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Magnum Photos & IdeasTap Photographic Award - 2013 shortlist announced
July 25, 2013
by London Office
Magnum Photos and its educational partners IdeasTap are delighted to announce the 18 photographers shortlisted for the 2013 Photographic Award.

Each of the shortlisted photographers will receive a mentoring session with a Magnum photographer and £60 of Blurb book vouchers, plus their work will be printed, framed and be exhibited in October 2013.

Nine finalists will then receive £1,500 to shoot their dream project. They will also create a Magnum in Motion style multimedia essay and attend a second mentoring session.
One winner from each age group will finally be awarded a £5,000 prize and the two younger photographers will do paid internships with Magnum Photos.

Age category 16-22

For her project Playing Soldier, Holly Lucas immersed herself in the world of airsoft military gaming. Rather than documenting on the action, Holly’s images focus on the relationships between participants – often fathers and sons.
See her portfolio here

David Shaw’s documentary photography reveals the environmental and social impacts suffered by the ordinary people of Gaza as a result of ongoing conflict with Israel and the blockade imposed on the area.
See his portfolio here

Self-taught photographer Chrystal Ding travelled through the Mongolian countryside documenting wide-open landscapes, sunshine-drenched skies and the people and animals she encountered along the way.
See her portfolio here

The title of Clémentine Schneidermann’s project, Three Minutes, refers to the duration of a burlesque performance, but her images take us beyond this into those quiet moments that populate the performers’ off-stage lives.
See her portfolio here

Two Kolkata slums on the brink of demolition provide the locations for Souvid Datta’s arresting images, which present and preserve both positive and negative aspects of daily life in The Panditya and Gorcha Bastis.
See his portfolio here

We normally move unthinkingly through service stations but Joe Dixey’s meditative photographs take a closer look these liminal places and the people who temporarily inhabit them.
See his portfolio here

Age category 23-30

Shot on expired SX-70 Polaroid film, Rhiannon Adam’s pictures of British holidaymakers in Margate and Benidorm have a nostalgic air that harks back the 70s, when Polaroid was still a popular way for Brits to snap their seaside adventures.
See her portfolio here

Robert Ormerod’s work takes us into the world of pigeon flying, or “doo flying” as it’s known in Scotland. Popular on Edinburgh housing estates, the sport is introduced to teenagers by their parents as a way to keep them out of trouble.
See his portfolio here

Earlier this year Fern Leigh Albert joined The Steward Wood Community, a self-sufficient community on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. In medium format, Fern’s images document her personal journey into the woodland way of life.
See her portfolio here

Lee Price’s project Sex With Strangers, explores gay cruising areas – where men who aren’t necessarily “out” can explore their sexuality in secret. Long exposures protect his subjects’ identities and give the images a dream-like feel.
See his portfolio here

Lithuanian-born, but now based in Glasgow, Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte returned to document Dubininkai, a village in rural Lithuania that she visited as a child when it was a buzzing destination but which now has a population of only five people.
See her portfolio here
http://www.ideastap.com/people/kotryna ula photography/portfolio/a099d4cb-6d9a-4d06-8bad-a1c60114b959

Owen Harvey introduces us to the sharp-suited characters that populate the UK Mod scene. Combining portraits with candid shots taken at dances in Brighton and London, Owen’s work celebrates the style of this enduring subculture.
See his portfolio here

Age category 31+

Drawing on her own experience, Abbie Trayler-Smith’s photographs of teenagers classified as obese take a sensitive and considered look into an issue often sensationalised in the mainstream media.
See her portfolio here

From rice field workers to restaurant owners, fish markets to tea ceremonies, Ambra Vernuccio documents local cultures and industries along the Noto-peninsula in Western Japan in bold black and white.
See here portfolio here

Love letters from the Second World War inspired Denise M Myers’ project, which combines landscape images shot by Denise on an old twin-lens reflex camera with archive material found on eBay.
See her portfolio here

Using a 6x7 camera and long exposures, Lihee Avidan photographs the rooms used by prostitutes in downtown Tel Aviv, accompanying her images with extracts from interviews with the women who work in them.
See her portfolio here

The largest salt lake in the Middle East, Lake Urmia in Iran, is shrinking fast and its loss will have a disastrous effect on the local environment. Aletheia Casey’s pictures capture a community facing impending ecological disaster.
See her portfolio

Seven years after Petra Creffield’s mother died and her family home sold, she went back to the house. Created by photographing projections of old photos onto the walls, Petra’s images visually enact her emotional attachment to the place.
See her portfolio