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November 2, 2013
by Jacob Aue Sobol
Text by Michael Shaw, the visual politics and photojournalism critic at BagNewsNotes.com

(...) The recording of the photo, like giving birth, captures nothing but the act of creativity. Offensive? Blasphemous? Rather, the photo is a precipitant. It’s about absolutely any and every thing that will ever happen in the world. You don’t have a good idea, a lovely day, a touching moment, a sense of awareness, a sense of poignancy or connection — a sense that someone is a part of you or you are a part of someone else — (in other words, anything that makes Facebook Facebook) without a conception. That this phenomenon — as either moment, act, concept or symbol — would be deemed blasphemous is, in itself, blasphemous (...)

See more at: http://www.bagnewsnotes.com/2013/10/facebook-censorship-photographer-jacob-aue-sobol-and-a-birthday/#sthash.Sb1eq1Ck.dpuf