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Fashion Magazine
August 7, 2012
by Martin Parr
"Welcome to my very own Fashion Magazine! I am pleased to assemble the many fashion shoots I have been commissioned to do over the last few years and to add new shooting for spring 2005 to create this special edition. As I wanted to take every photo in the magazine, it also meant doing the advertising, the travel and food photos and the culture sections. If there is a theme to this magazine, it is the every day things of life. We go to the office, go shopping in the mall and supermarket, visit the dentist and of course head to the beach to swim and relax. Some of the shoots feature models, some are people who were cast in the street, sometimes you cannot tell the difference. Some shoots resemble documentary, some look more like fashion, they can even look like art. What is exciting is that it is difficult to tell the difference. The traditional boundaries of these worlds are slipping away and I am enjoying exploring these fusions." Martin Parr

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