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Time Off
November 20, 2012
by Martin Parr
Fifteen years ago Jonathan Stephenson/Rocket presented the first commercial London gallery exhibition of photographs by Martin Parr. Now Rocket presents its ninth exhibition by the internationally renowned British photographer.
Titled Time Off, the group of six large photographs date from within the last decade and feature countries from Asia and Europe. They are almost ‘painterly’ and picturesque in their intent. This commanding set of images confirm Parr’s development as an artist and as a social commentator, observing both comic and poignant scenes.
In five of the photographs clusters of individuals are preoccupied with appreciating the world around them. No one is totally relaxed; whether or not they are aware of the camera capturing their interactions. There is a restless search for achievements, or reflections, that are just out of reach. Purchasing a tourist souvenir will not offer comfort here.