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Magnum News
Jul 15, 2015
by Jerome Sessini
Read Jerome Sessini's interview in the French and English versions of Vice Magazine - one of the Vice-Loves-Magnum series of photographer interviews.... More...
Magnum News
Jul 9, 2015
by Philip Jones Griffiths
A new exhibition celebrating the life and work of Philip Jones Griffiths, is to be staged at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. Philip Jones Griffiths – A Welsh Focus on War and Peace features explores his early work in Britain, his world renowned photographs documenting various wars and their effects, as well as lesser known works in the period leading up to his death in 2008. For the first... More...
Magnum News
Jul 7, 2015
by Magnum Photographers
Each July, VICE Media publishes a special Photo Issue of its magazine. This year, Magnum and Magnum Foundation have teamed up with VICE to make an Issue that presents a collaborative, dynamic survey of new work. Informed by photographic history and the state of the medium today, the Issue explores the cross section between photojournalism and fine art.

As the magazine goes into circulation, VICE's... More...
Magnum News
Jul 2, 2015
by Alex Webb
Charles Harbutt, a member of Magnum from 1963 to 1981, died at the end of June, 2015. A unique and remarkable photographer, he was president of Magnum twice — from 1970-1972 and 1976-1978 — and was an important presence in the agency for many years. Charlie was also a singular teacher — as well as an insightful and thought provoking writer on photography, as exhibited by the following texts, which... More...
Magnum News
Jun 28, 2015
by Magnum Photographers
Since its inception, Magnum Photos has been holding an Annual General Meeting in either New York, London or Paris. The AGM brings together Magnum photographers, photographer estates and the agency’s international staff to discuss company business and vote on potential new members, associates and nominees.

This year’s Annual General Meeting took place in Paris, France, at the Speos Paris Photographic... More...
Magnum News
Jun 2, 2015
by Olivia Arthur
Magnum Print Room 22 May to 31 July 2015.

This new project by Olivia Arthur takes as its starting point a shipwreck that happened in 1961 and traces the footsteps of a fictional survivor through the modern city.

On 6 April 1961 the MV Dara, a ship carrying passengers between India, Pakistan and the Gulf, sunk just off the port of Dubai. An estimated 238 people lost their lives. But some bodies were... More...
Magnum News
Jun 1, 2015
by Magnum Photographers
Leading up to Magnum Photos’ 68th Annual General Meeting, the cooperative’s members were asked to select An Image that Changed Everything. The idea was to give photographers an opportunity to reflect on their careers and identify a single picture that represents a turning point in their lives as image makers. Over fifty Magnum photographers have submitted an image with an accompanying story.

On June... More...