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Feb 23, 2015
by Raymond Depardon
"At the age of twenty-two I was sent to Saigon to cover the war as a photojournalist. I was too late for Indochina, and too early for Vietnam. Muggers robbed me on my arrival, and I lived in a small hotel by the river. I drove towards the front in an old Citroën. I think I was happy. I returned some years later. It was for another war, and the famous reporters had left. The streets were full of GIs... More...
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Feb 17, 2015
by Magnum Photographers
“…Long ago, painting was the story telling medium.
Today, at least for us, it is photography. We turned to five master lensmen, as passionate about their art as we are about our craft. Their unique, always surprising gaze is full of passion and brings different worlds together: the hard work and the excellence of the merino wool Australian farms, the industrial process with a human touch in our factories... More...
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Feb 12, 2015
by Sohrab Hura
In the summer of 1999, when he was only 17, Sohrab Hura's mother was diagnosed with acute paranoid schizophrenia.

"Life is Elsewhere is a journal of my life, my family, my love, my friends, my travels, my sheer need to experience all that is about to disappear and so in a way I’m attempting to connect my own life with the world that I see with a hope to find my reality in it. Life is Elsewhere is... More...
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Feb 5, 2015
by Larry Towell
After the February 2014 Euromaidan uprising, which brought an end to the Viktor Yanukovych government, Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed the Crimea with the support of locals who felt isolated from the new government in Kiev. The Ukraine army and related militias entered Eastern Ukraine where separatist movements, supported by Russia, were taking root. The summer brought an all out war between... More...
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Jan 30, 2015
by Michael Christopher Brown
Michael Christopher Brown went to Cuba shortly after it was announced the United States and Cuba would restore ties for the first time in fifty years. These images were taken during the second half of a month-long trip to Cuba (images from first half under embargo until March).
Michael will be returning to the island in mid-February to continue the project.

Click here to access the images for licensing... More...
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Jan 19, 2015
by Magnum Photographers
The First World War Now. The First World War by ten Magnum photographers.
The photographers Carl de Keyser (Belgium), Alec Soth (USA), Thomas Dworzak (Germany), Alex Majoli (Italy), Mark Power (UK), Antoine D’Agata (France), Nikos Economopoulos (Greece), Chien-Chi Chang (Austria/Taiwan), Gueorgui Pinkhassov (Russia) and Trent Parke (Australia), reflect - in their own ways and from the perspectives... More...
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Jan 14, 2015
by Moises Saman
In late-November Moises Saman returned to Iraq to photograph the ongoing Kurdish fight against ISIL. In late-2013 ISIL forces made serious gains in Iraq thus enlarging the conflict that had previously been isolated to Syria. The Iraqi military had reeled in the face of IS attacks while Kurdish forces in the north proved to be a serious threat to the enemy advance. In late-2014 Kurdish forces achieved... More...