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Oct 8, 2015
by John Vink
‘Rice gives strength, and even gives it to the King. Therefore you cannot despise the rice’.

The cultivation of rice over many centuries has developed an intimate and complex relationship between the Khmer and their staple food. They have acquired a sophisticated knowledge about it, and until the fifties were using about 180 different varieties. Cambodian farmers take great care in choosing the appropriate... More...
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Oct 8, 2015
by Bruno Barbey
Bruno Barbey recently returned to China and covered Qingdao's "Beer Goddess" beauty pageant. During the event, a "Beer Queen","Beer Prince","Beer Princess","Beer Mr.Right","Champion Stewardess", and "Champion Steward" are chosen from among trainee models and trainee air attendants. The competition is divided into two main events: a "swimsuit show" and an "evening gown show" (suits for men models and... More...
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Oct 7, 2015
by Hiroji Kubota
"Hiroji Kubota Photographer"
details the extraordinary life and world travels, spanning over fifty years, of a veteran Magnum photographer. This is the first comprehensive survey of a key Japanese photographer, and includes four hundred photographs.

Hiroji Kubota (born in Tokyo, 1939) began his career by assisting photographers René Burri, Burt Glinn, and Elliott Erwitt on their visit to Japan in... More...
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Oct 5, 2015
by Alec Soth
“I love the movie ‘Lost in Translation,’ so I decided I would stay in the Park Hyatt Tokyo, where the film was made, and not leave for five nights. Instead, I would bring the city to me, finding people online — through Craigslist and other sites. I brought in singers, a sushi chef, teachers and others. I probably learned as much as if I had gone out and visited temples and wandered the streets. Normally,... More...
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Sep 29, 2015
by A. Abbas
Before the Second World War, Jews made 40% of the population in some Ukrainian cities. The Nazis, helped by local militia, wiped out Jewish life with mass execution or with transfer to concentration camps. Only those who ran away to Russia, did come back. Today a estimated 200.000 Jews thrive in Ukraine.
Nowhere is their presence more visible than in the city of Dnipropetrovk where a 20-story Menorah... More...
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Sep 28, 2015
by Steve McCurry
By Paul Theroux with photographs by Steve McCurry

Paul Theroux has spent fifty years crossing the globe, adventuring in the exotic, seeking the rich history and folklore of the far away. Now, for the first time, in his tenth travel book, Theroux explores a piece of America — the Deep South. He finds there a paradoxical place, full of incomparable music, unparalleled cuisine, and yet also some of the... More...
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Sep 28, 2015
by Bruce Davidson
Bruce Davidson has recently finished two new books dedicated to the City of Angels: Los Angeles 1964 and Nature of Los Angeles 2008-2013.

Bruce remembers the circumstances of the 1964 trip:
"Esquire’s editors sent me to Los Angeles, and when I landed at L.A. International Airport I noticed giant palm trees growing in the parking lot. I ordered a hamburger through a microphone speaker in a drive-in... More...