At first, Koudelka was attracted by the physical beauty of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe, the strangeness of their movements and their facial expression, by their clothing and ornaments; later he was attracted by their life-style. In the end he was completely absorbed by his subject.
He developed a great feeling for the Gypsies; drawn to them, he sought to learn the origin of those things which first attracted him. He worked constantly to get to know them better, in depth, in order to establish profound contacts. He devoted himself to his subject with burning intensity.
Koudelka achieves restraint and clarity, and a respect for human beings. His work reflects a long evolution of his vision from the external to the inherent and ultimate nature of his subjects.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 134
Size: 11 x 12"
Publishers : Aperture (New York, 1975); "Gitans - La fin du voyage", Delpire ├ęditeur (Paris, 1975)